My contact and short CV in English

WHo am I?
WHo am I?


My name is Liisa. I am an Arts Manager with a degree from Sibelius-Academy and an experienced Theatre Artist.

My main fields of knowledge and experience are:

- Leadership skills

- Producing

- Theatre Art

- Pedagogical skills

- Educational Administration and Teaching

Language skills:
English - excellent
Swedish - good
German and Spanish - basics


Master of Music (MuM) - The program of Arts Management, Sibelius - Academy, 2020

Master of Arts (M.A.), University of Helsinki, 2008

Drama Instructor, Helsinki Metropolia University of applied sciences, 2003

Diploma of Educational Administration, Finnish National Agency for Education, 2008


- Executive Director of ETOL ry - The Union for Performing Art Academies (
Producing e.g. the 20th anniversary celebrations of ETOL ry in 2023

- Headmaster and producer in the Theatre school of Teatteri
ILMI Ö. from 2006 onwards

- Producer of the Wintermusical 2023 Miss Smilla's Sense of Snow at Peacock Theatre, Linnamäki.

- Producer in the Wintermusical 2020, Toivo painaa tonnin

- Project Manager, Producer and Director in My Helsinki is... A development project of basic education in the arts. Teatteri ILMIÖ. 2018

- Member of the Board of Directors, Teatteri ILMI Ö., 2006 - 2016

- Original member and founder of the Theatre Collective ILMI Ö., 2002 onwards


- The host of the audience Jury at the international BRAVO! - Theatre festival for young audiences, 2008 - 2018

- Director in a Drama project MARHABA! - Drama workshops for refugees in a Reception Center, 2016

- Drama Teacher at Buckingham Secondary School in England, 2003

Theatre Director, Writer and a Performer
Theatre Director, Writer and a Performer


Writer of the children's adventure tour
The secret of Susisaari -island, 2024 is Suomenlinna

Director of the children's adventure tours

Search of the Lost Crown 2023 and
The Treasure of King Gustav the third
in Suomenlinna, 2020 - 2022

Director and the main Scriptwriter in My Helsinki is... A development project of basic education in the arts. Teatteri ILMIÖ., 2018

Director of 24 student performances of the Theatre School of Teatteri ILMI Ö, 2006 - 2018.

Director and Scriptwriter of the drama tour of the Museum of Technology in Helsinki, 2012

Actress in an improvisation group, Teatteri ILMI Ö., 2004 - 2010

Director and Dramaturg in a children's play Tirlittan, Teatteri ILMI Ö., 2009 and the summer theatre of Raisio city, 2003

Actress in a touring historical play at Espoo Wee-Gee - house in, 2008

Director of a children's musical Pinocchio, Teatteri ILMI Ö., 2006

Director of a horror-comedy LAMIA, Teatteri ILMI Ö., 2005

Writer and Director of a comedy-tour The silenced stories of Suomenlinna, 2001 - 2006

Actor in seven different plays by William Shakespeare in various work groups, between 1992 - 2000

Liisa Pylkkänen, a Manager and a Producer, 2023
Liisa Pylkkänen, a Manager and a Producer, 2023


- Drama teacher in Espoo School of Performing Arts, 2021 -

- Drama Teacher in the Theatre School of Teatteri ILMI Ö., 2006 - 2018

-Co-Project Leader and a Teacher in a project Theatre to the schools, Teatteri ILMI Ö., 2016 - 2017

- Project HEROES:
workshop Director at various schools in Helsinki in 2014

-Drama Teacher at the Community College of Helsinki 2007 - 2010

- Drama Teacher at the MUSTI School for Music and Drama, 2004 - 2009


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